Simple, transparent pricing.

Get more cash pay clients by turning confusing out-of-network benefits into savings.
Submit out-of-network claims in seconds
Option for easy session payments, lower fees
No hidden fees. We use Stripe and simply pass on their fees: 2.9% + 30¢ for credit cards, 0.8% for ACH (direct debit)
FREE access to our EHR (in beta!)
Optional add-on!
Add Benefits Calculator for $29/month
Instantly calculate clients' out-of-network benefits
Add to your website to attract private pay clients
Unlimited insurance benefit checks
Month-to-month, you can cancel / pause anytime!

5% per claim
(e.g. $200 session = $10 per claim)
Successful reimbursement – or your money back, guaranteed.
Effortless reimbursement – we take care of it all
5% fee per claim, can be paid by provider or client
Faster turnaround time on reimbursement
2.9% + 30¢ for credit cards, 0.8% for ACH (direct debit)
We take care of denials & resubmit, at no cost
Direct support email to our insurance experts
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