Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Use our FREE benefits calculator to check if you qualify for therapy reimbursement. Your first claim is free!

A win-win for therapists and patients.

We use out-of-network benefits to reduce costs for patients while therapists earn their full fee.
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What is Mentaya?

Mentaya is a platform that helps patients use their out-of-network benefits to get reimbursed for therapy.

We give patients the flexibility to see the therapist of their choice, while ensuring that therapists are fairly compensated for their work.

On average, patients on Mentaya get 70% of their money back on private pay therapy after meeting their deductible.

Our Simple Process

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Verify benefits

Sara's therapist Jane uses Mentaya, so Sara can check her benefits. She is eligible for reimbursement!
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Setup account

Jane invites Sara to Mentaya, where she sets up her account.
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Confirm session details

Jane verifies session details (it only takes 3 seconds!) and an insurance claim is auto-submitted.
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Get reimbursed

Sara doesn't even lift a finger and gets her reimbursement in a few weeks!

The Mentaya Toolkit

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Instant benefits checker

No more calling insurance companies! We empower people to start out-of-network therapy by providing price transparency around the true cost of therapy after reimbursement.
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Automated claim submission

Prioritize your mental health without worrying about insurance or finances! Our intelligent claims engine ensures that people get reimbursed the amount they deserve from insurance.

Ready to see the magic? ✨

Take the first step towards simplifying your mental health journey.
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