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Choose Your Own Adventure: Which Mental Health Platform is right for YOU?

As a therapist, you have dozens of tech platforms that help you run your private practice, but how are they different? In this article, we'll breakdown the pros and cons of each, and help you find the right one for YOU!
Written by
Christine Li
Published on
May 30, 2023

3 Types of Mental Health Platforms to Choose From

Based on conversations with therapists and research on mental health platforms, we've identified three types of tech-enabled platforms that can help expand your caseload:

The “Quick & Dirty”

Looking for firehydrant flow of client referrals and ok dropping your rate to around $30? These platforms are typically very easy to use and don't require dealing with insurance.

What's the catch? They're not the most sustainable if you're looking to build a livable earning. Examples of companies in this space: Betterhelp, Talkspace.

The “Insurance simplifiers”

Platforms that help you get credentialed with insurance companies so you can fill your caseload with insurance clients, and they pay better than the "quick and dirty".

What's the catch? You still have to go through the process of waiting and getting paneled with insurance, and your pay is at the whim of insurance companies. Examples of companies in this space: Headway, Alma, Grow, Sondermind.

The “Double Win”

Want to earn your full cash rate and avoid dealing with insurance? These platforms simplify the out-of-network process, submit automated claims on your client's behalf, and chase insurance to make sure your clients get reimbursed for private pay therapy. This is ideal for therapists who want to steer clear of dealing with insurance companies, while still keeping therapy affordable for their clients.

What's the catch? These platforms don't directly send you referrals – they focus on helping you convert more clients from your referrals. Example company in this space: Mentaya.

An in-depth comparison of each category:

Comparison of Platforms
Platform Description Price Your Compensation Setup Work
The "Quick and Dirty" Telehealth platforms that help you fill your caseload immediately at any cost Free for therapists $30-60/session Minimal – just need to set up an account
The "Insurance Simplifiers" Platforms that help you get paneled and fill your caseload with insurance clients Free if therapist takes lower payout, or monthly subscription fee Varies by state. $50-$150/session Moderate – paperwork needed to get paneled with insurance companies
The "Double Win" Platforms that do out-of-network billing to help you get your full cash rate Free for therapists Your full cash rate, e.g. $150-$300/session Minimal – just need to set up an account

Here's a decision tree to help you out:

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